Blog Awards

Some time ago, I heard of a website that allows sending medals to people. I wonder if you will find it as interesting as I did. There are many medals to choose from, some more hilarious like “Irritable Panda Bear”, ”Mid-Air High Five”, or “Icy Cold Beer”. There are also some more serious like “Educational Blogger Award” and “Interesting Blog Award”. There are also some rude ones like a “Dead Cockroach Award”, which I guess are good for a prank, or you could also sent it to somebody who you do not like. Visit this site, and I am sure you will find some hilarious awards, although before you send a “Dead Cockroach Award” to anyone make sure that it is really what you want to do, and make sure that the person you are sending it has a sense of humor.

You can find the medals at All you have to do is choose an award, input the recipients name, email, URL, and provide your own name, email, and optionally URL, if you are a webmaster. What I like about this site is that it is directed towards bloggers, so if you are a blogger yourself, I am sure you will appreciate it. There are not many sites like this on the Internet.