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Welcome to 48HoursWeb

October 16th, 2008

48HoursWeb is going to be a website dedicated to the topics of the world wide web, technology, business and blogging. In my opinion the name of the website is quite interesting, as it is supposed to indicate that I am going to cover many topics related to the Web. While I can’t say at this stage how often I am going to update this site, I can promise that I am going to do my best. Like I mentioned, I will want to discuss a variety of interesting topics on this blog. This will include the aspects of innovative technology, trends on the Internet, business related news and observations, and even blogging tips. That is why I decided to name this blog 48HoursWeb. Hopefully you are going to enjoy reading this blog, as I plan to put a lot of work into it. I think the template I have chosen is quite modern, and it fits well with the topic of the blog.

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