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The World According to Teens

March 25th, 2009 Comments off

The technology is changing fast, really fast. A lot of Internet users are in their twenties or thirties, and remember growing up without the access to the Internet. However, these days access to technology such as Internet is very easy. For those born in the nineties, the world looks different completely when it comes to technology. Let’s look at a few observations on how the world looks like according to 14 year olds:

-There has always been Internet.
-There have always been CDs and DVDs.
-There have always been digital cameras.
-The first Nintendo Games Boys are older than they are.
-Answering machines, cordless phones, and cell phones have been around for as long as they can remember.
-The first portable MP3 players came out before they were in school.

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Google Blacklisting

March 6th, 2009 Comments off

Some of you might have heard that John Chow was blacklisted by Google. John ranked as one of the top results when it comes to keywords like ‘make money online’, but even though he got blacklisted long time ago, he still did not get ranked high for phrases like ‘make money online’. Additionally, he still does not appear on the first 3-4 pages after you type ‘John Chow’ in Google. Google was for a long time redirecting anyone typing ‘John Chow’ in their search engine to pages that explain why he got punished. Google claims that John got punished for his questionable link building tactics that the company obviously dislikes. It seems that not ignoring Google’s requirements and preferences might be a good idea. My advice is that your website does not contain anything controversial that Google might dislike. As you see from the above example, it is better not to mess with Google.

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Exploring Mars

March 4th, 2009 Comments off

There is a new Massive Multiplayer Online Game which hopefully will arrive soon that promises the possibility of exploring Mars. It will also include fashion shops. It will be a game similar to Second Life where emphasis is put on social interactions, instead of fast paced action. Fast paced action games seem to be the trend, so we will just have to wait to see if this game will achieve success. Games which focus on social interactions are addicting if a person is able to find interesting people in such games, but there is also a danger if there are no people with similar interests in a game, then the game will become boring very soon.

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LCD TVs Gaining Popularity

March 1st, 2009 Comments off

LCD TVs were introduced long time ago, but it takes time for some inventions to get really popular. In the beginning of 2006 LCD TV shipments amounted to less then 20%, right now they amount to around 60%. The transition is not unexpected, as it not only made the TVs lighter and easier to move around, but the LCD technology also supports different sizes of TVs. You can have an LCD TV which is smaller than 20 inches, and at the same time also offer very large screens for those really demanding. Personally, I do not have any CTR equipment in my home anymore, as I believe that LCDs are superior. LCD TV shipments are further expected to grow this year.

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