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How to recover from Google penguin update

July 30th, 2012 Comments off

The recent algorithm changes by Google dubbed �Google penguin update� stunned many
website owners. Suddenly, websites which enjoyed top rankings in their niches or industry could not be traced in search results. The search engine giant later released a statement explaining the reasons for the update. Google cited the proliferation of web spam as one of the main reasons for the changes. In other words Google punished websites it deemed had violated its quality guidelines. Websites that seemed over optimized for search engines were pushed further downwards in the search engine results pecking order.

Some of the websites severely affected by the update include;
Website which used paid text links
Websites that employed automated link building tools
Private network blogs offering guest posting opportunities
Article marketing sites
��Spammy�”” websites (those containing malware, pop ups, link farms etc.)

How to recover from the update
If your website is one of those affected by the update then it�s important to implement new SEO strategies that will boost your website�s overall ranking. For instance Google emphasizes on the importance of quality, as well as the originality content. This ideally means that you should check your website content to see whether it�s unique and original. If you previously used duplicated or highly plagiarized content then it�s time to hire a content strategist to sort your needs. Apart from the uniqueness and originality of content other SEO tactics that you can use on your website to proof or recover from Google penguin update include;

Use social media more often
Using social media to connect with your followers will not only help your website to rank favorably in search results but it will also help you garner targeted visitors to your website as well. Creating conversations with your followers is a great way to create organic backlinks. For instance if you share highly valuable information with your audience then do not be surprised if your audience shares your websites links to others -possibly spreading your company messages virally. In a nutshell, Google encourages relevant and up to date user generated content.

Use press releases
If you�re launching a new product or you generally have some newsworthy information to communicate to your customers then is highly recommended that you use press releases and distribute them through online press release distribution services. Such services are not only good for distributing news but they are also a good way of creating backlinks that Google does not frown upon.

Secure your website
As mentioned earlier Google punishes site with malware, thus it�s very important to ensure that your website is protected against malware attack.

Obtain backlinks from trusted websites
It�s highly critical that you obtain links from trusted websites and web directories so as to ensure your website is ranked favorably. Avoid link farm or paid text links as Google frowns upon them. Lastly, there are many other white hat SEO tactics you can use to proof your website against the penguin update. If your website was badly affected by the Google changes, then it�s essential for you to implement some of the solutions mentioned above- and watch your website return or even attain a much higher position in search engine result pages.

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My Ipod Vacation

July 27th, 2012 Comments off

I know for sure that I am going to take my ipod everywhere I am going to travel this summer. The possibility to listen to music whenever I want to do it makes my vacation time a lot more enjoyable. In addition to having my ipod, I will also need some accessories for ipod as well if I want to be able to use it everywhere I am. Probably the most important accessory for my ipod is a charger that would allow me to charge the device when I am gone camping for example.

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Antispyware Ideas

July 27th, 2012 Comments off

I do not think it is worth to put my computer at risk by not having the right antispyware installed. From the moment I bought my first computer in the past, I knew that I needed reliable antispyware program to help me protect my computer from all those bad things that can infect it. I care about my computer very much and I would not want anything bad to happen to it. I know how hackers work and I know something about ways they might want to access my computer.

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Easy Installment Loans for All Folks

July 23rd, 2012 Comments off

I am sure that you have heard about easy installment loans before and you know more or less what they are all about. I am also sure that you have bad credit (you will see later on why I am so sure about that). The reason I am writing this is that I know that most of you my readers have a bad credit score because most of my friends have it as well. It is true that it is not that easy to improve your credit score in a bad economy due to a number of reasons. If nothing can be done about it, probably some other things can be done. What are they? A person have a few options here such as credit loans with bad credit for example. Another option is to ask your friends or family for money, but if you are like me, you probably prefer not to do it after all. This will work for you only if you have rich friends or family, which might not happen that often, I am almost sure of it. If you have rich friends, you should consider yourself lucky, but otherwise quick loans might be the only option for you in your situation.

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Eyeglasses for Summer

July 12th, 2012 Comments off

zenni_IG_800.png (800�2152)
One problem that many eyeglasses wearers have during summer is that they need sunglasses to be able to spend some time on the beach. Those people who wear prescription eyeglasses usually know the pain of not being able to buy sunglasses so easily. A person who wears eyeglasses and who wants to buy a pair of sunglasses cannot simply walk into the pharmacy and choose a pair of prescription sunglasses for him or for her. The reason it happens is that prescription sunglasses in pharmacies or mall boutiques can be very expensive. Why would a person want to buy something so expensive if he can choose to buy affordable prescription stylish glassess from Zenni Optical?

But allow me to talk about eyeglasses for a while since so many people need them during summer to be able to read while spending time on the beach for example. One thing I would like to write about in this post is something called Emerging Technology Info Graphic. As you probably have noticed by now, eyeglasses have come a long way since they were first invented. Eyeglasses you can buy today are completely different from all those eyeglasses you were able to find on the market even a decade ago. You might want to see it for yourself.

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Business Owner’s Policy

July 10th, 2012 Comments off

Do you know what a business owner’s policy is? If you are a business owner, you probably know a lot about the topic. If not, let me explain the concept in a few words.

From my personal experience I can say that business insurance also known as liability insurance is a good idea for all small and medium business owners who would like to protect their assets from property damage. In many cases, a business owner’s insurance covers many other things as well including even the lost income and expenses that a business owner incurs.

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Traveling with Children

July 9th, 2012 Comments off

One thing I have learned about traveling with children is that I, as a parent, need to provide them with entertainment for the whole duration of the trip. If I do not do it, the kids will get bored and traveling with them will become eventually a nightmare. This is why before we embark on any adventures, I make sure that we are fully prepared for anything. I usually try to prepare at least a few games my kids could play or take a few coloring books so that we never run out of them.

When it comes to traveling with kids on a plane, the situation is usually different. I might not need to provide my kids with entertainment if we choose our airlines carefully. Some airlines make traveling with kids a snap. I learned about it after reading an article about The Best Airlines for Austrailan Families. Next time I am going to choose an airline to fly, I will look carefully what they offer for my kids in terms of entertainment such as movies or games. You do not want to know how my kids behave when they get bored, so I will save you time by not writing about this in this post. If you are a parent, you can probably relate. It is so much better to give them something to do, something to keep them busy for a while. I like it when my kids are busy with something because I can finally concentrate on all those things I can do on my own like reading a magazine or a newspaper.

Even though planning a family vacation always takes me a lot of time, I cherish every minute spent during those precious moments with my children. I know that they eventually are going to leave my home when they go to college, so I want to make the most out of the time spent with them while they are still young.

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Gazebos in My Garden

July 8th, 2012 Comments off

If you know me in person, you probably have noticed by now how passionate about gardens and gardening I am. I use every chance I get to spend time in my garden, especially during summers when the weather is good. When it rains, I have no choice but to spend time at home instead. Right now, when I think about it, if I had vinyl gazebos in my garden, they would allow me to spend time in my garden even when it rains. I see myself reading a book sitting in my gazebo on a rainy but warm day.

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Why Not Have a Leather Wallet

July 8th, 2012 Comments off

I went shopping with my family the other day. The moment I needed to pay for my groceries, I realized that my wallet I bought a few years ago does not look as good as the day I bought it. As a matter of fact, I had no idea that it looked so bad. Maybe it is time for me to decide to have a leather wallet instead of just a random one I happen to come across? I heard that leather wallets are durable and that they are guaranteed to serve me for many years.

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