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Promoting Your Blog

August 20th, 2013 Comments off

There are various ways to promote a blog, but one of the most important things is to receive backlinks. I would like to show you some ideas which could result in you receiving a lot of backlinks. Here they are:

-Organize a massive blogroll exchange on your website. Invite everyone to participate, and explain why it is a good idea to exchange links with you. You might mention that while you might not able to exchange links with everyone, you will exchange links with those who respond first. You should make it clear that the more established a blog is, the bigger its chances of getting listed on your site. You can start the post with questions such as “Do you want more traffic to your blog?”, “Do you want some powerful links pointing back to your blog?”, or “Would you like to see your link added to my blogroll?”
-Another idea is to give away money. It does not even have to be a lot, as people will be satisfied with any amount if they receive it for free. You can ask them to write about your site or about yourself. Refer them to any pages which might contain more information. You should ask them to link to your site in their post, and later comment on your post to let you know that they want to participate in the contest. You should also let your readers know at what date you will announce the winners.

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Special Dance Gifts

August 20th, 2013 Comments off

What am I going to give to my little niece for her next birthday? I was thinking about getting her a nice dance gift she could use. She has been attending ballet classes for some time now, and everything indicates that she is going to continue doing so. From what I keep hearing, she rather enjoys herself doing it and she is going to continue attending the classes during the next year. I want to help her in some way become better at what she does so that she knows what she is doing.

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