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Is Spamming Over?

October 28th, 2008 Comments off

As you all know, there are different ways of advertising. One of them are unsolicited phone calls. I never liked telemarketers, as they disturb you when you want to relax, when you are working, or eat a meal with your family. Basically, they waste your time and are often not welcomed. On the Internet, the same is true with spammers. Spammers post and send messages that nobody is interested in, so they waste your time. One of the targets of spammers is MySpace, as it is a very popular site with many pages to spam. MySpace has been fighting with spammers for quite some time, and it is suing many marketers who flood MySpace with unwanted messages. MySpace has already won a few cases, and received compensation ranging from $6 to $230 million dollars. I hope the war on spam goes well. The times when spamming was never punished might be over, as there are many cases of spammers paying for their crimes. For example, this year a spammer was ordered to pay $230 million dollars to MySpace because of an anti-spam judgment. As a matter of fact, this is believed to be the largest anti-spam judgment ever. However, I can�t imagine MySpace collecting this money easily, as the spammer probably doesn�t have this kind of money. In any case, it will probably scare other spammers. Since the technology to filter spam email is getting better and better, I think it is safe to predict that the number of spammers should be decreasing.

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System Restore and its Advantages

October 22nd, 2008 Comments off

System Restore is a feature which allows users to restore system information such as files, registry, or list of installed programs. System Restore is very useful if you experience problems with your computer related to your operating system. If that is the case you can simply use System Restore, and everything should be back to normal. It is recommended to do System Restore before installing any programs, especially those which appear to be dangerous or not compatible with your operating system. If you will not restore your system, the only other solution would be format which is time consuming, and there is a danger of losing any data on disc �C�. System Restore might not fix all of the problems, but it is an extremely useful feature.

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Welcome to 48HoursWeb

October 16th, 2008 Comments off

48HoursWeb is going to be a website dedicated to the topics of the world wide web, technology, business and blogging. In my opinion the name of the website is quite interesting, as it is supposed to indicate that I am going to cover many topics related to the Web. While I can’t say at this stage how often I am going to update this site, I can promise that I am going to do my best. Like I mentioned, I will want to discuss a variety of interesting topics on this blog. This will include the aspects of innovative technology, trends on the Internet, business related news and observations, and even blogging tips. That is why I decided to name this blog 48HoursWeb. Hopefully you are going to enjoy reading this blog, as I plan to put a lot of work into it. I think the template I have chosen is quite modern, and it fits well with the topic of the blog.

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