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Windows Service Packs

November 26th, 2008 Comments off

Windows Service Packs are a compilation of upgrades to Windows Operating systems, and they offer enhanced security, and sometimes even completely new features. Currently, Windows Vista�s newest Service Pack is SP1, and Windows XP newest Service Pack is SP3. I am going to give an example of that Windows XP SP2 offers. As it is with almost every upgrade, there are usually new, useful features added in it. It is no different in case of upgrade pack to Windows XP called the Service Pack 2. Here it is what the pack brings:

� Thanks to �Windows Security Center� you will be protected from unsafe attachments and downloads.
� Windows Firewall comes together with Service Pack 2. Firewall is intended to protect your system from access by unauthorized people (from the internet or local network).
� If you use Internet Explorer, SP2 will give you a pop up blocker that will block all of the annoying ads.
� Wireless networking will be easier thanks to Service Pack 2. The �Wireless Network Setup Wizard� will teach you how to install your network and �Microsoft Broadband Network Utility� will make sure that everything is working properly.

While this SP might be quite old, a lot of people do not have it, especially if their Windows CD does not have it included. I strongly believe that Windows Service Packs can be very useful and helpful to everybody, and this is why I recommend that you consider getting them.

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Interesting Gadgets

November 14th, 2008 Comments off

There is no doubt that books require a lot of space and are very heavy. It is really interesting that you could fit a whole personal library into one hard drive. This way you can store all of your books in one place. The problem is that you would only be able to access them from your computer. That is where eBook readers come into play. EBook readers allow you to read your favorite eBooks anywhere you want, and some of the newer ones offer dual display to imitate real books. You can even turn pages with such dual display devices, so that it will feel like flipping real pages.
Another useful gadget is Nintendo DS. Nintendo DS is a handheld game console which is popular in Canada, U.S., and Japan. It seems that apart from playing games, you can also do other things with it. It appears that you can install the colors application in order to transform your Nintendo DS into a sketchbook. The way it works is that the upper part of the screen shows the output, while the lower part of the screen is the painting area. Unfortunately, it will require some work to set it up, but it is really great that you can achieve it, and this way add some new functionality to handheld game consoles. I hope that you find this post to be useful.

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Simple Games

November 9th, 2008 Comments off

Have you ever heard that online or video games can be addictive? Well, surely they are. If you do not believe me, then look at your family members or friends. They spend hours upon hours sitting in front of their computer monitors playing different games. One of the games that I found about recently, and that looks to me like a lot of fun is Line Rider. Maybe it is hard to believe, but this game was originally created by a Slovenian university student who prepared it for his exam. This guy surely had a great idea. If only he knew what kind of fun other people will have while playing this game! The idea behind this game is very simple. You draw a line on a screen and when you are done, the line rider will ride on it. It is very entertaining to watch.

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Origins of Windows

November 5th, 2008 Comments off

Have you ever wondered how old Microsoft Windows is? Do you know when the first copies of this program were sold? Actually Microsoft Windows have not been around for that long. It has been less than 20 years. Those of you my readers who are over the age of 20 probably remember the times where Windows where not around yet. Let me here give you a brief history of what versions were used by users in what years:

1990-1994: Windows 3.1
1995-1997: Windows 95
1998-1999: Windows 98
2000: Windows ME
2001-2006: Windows XP
2007-2008: Windows Vista

And you, my reader, what version of Windows are you currently using? From my observation I know that many people still use Windows XP, but Windows Vista is gaining popularity quite fast.

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What Could I Change About This Blog?

November 2nd, 2008 Comments off

I am considering starting a new blog, and I wish to learn from my mistakes which I made in the past. I am going to write a few things today that I wish to avoid or add in my new blog. I came to this conclusion after reading several guides on the Internet. Here are some ideas:
� Having a banner at the top of my blog. It is a way of having some kind of brand, and it makes people remember my site a lot better.
� I am going to emphasize my best content/posts by linking to them from my sidebar. I am going to adjust my template to allow more space on the sidebar in order to accomplish it. Having links to my best posts will make the life of my visitors, especially new ones, a lot easier.
� Having a more original theme/layout. I don�t think there is anything wrong with this layout, but I saw some other blogs with a similar one.
� Broadening the topics I blog about. I do not intend my new blog to be a blog about everything and nothing, but currently I am quite limited when it comes to my posts.
� Finally, I want to be a lot more involved in marketing and visiting other blogs. If my new blog will be more successful, it will be because of my visitors whom I have to attract somehow to my blog. Having a lot of contacts with other bloggers is a good way to get started without spending any money.

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