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Accessing Restricted Websites

February 4th, 2010

Sometimes it is impossible to access some websites, because there is restricted access to them. The tips I am about to present to you will be especially helpful to you if you want to access some of the pages from your workplace and the administrator banned them or restricted access to them. Another possible situation that comes to my mind is that maybe the government of your country banned some of the sites so that its citizens do not have access to certain �politically incorrect� sites. Such situations occur in China and in some other Asian countries. There are at least two methods to access your desired websites:

1. Search the banned website through Google or other search engine. After finding it, enter its cache copy. This is a very popular method and it is very easy to do. However, this may not work for websites or pages that were never cached. That should not be the case with popular websites. Most websites have many of their pages cached so you should not have problems accessing pages this way.

2. In Google or any other search engine type this keyword: ‘cache:URL name’. This will take you straight to the cache copy of that website. This method is very similar to the previous one. You should use this method only if you know exactly the URL you plan to visit. If you make even a small mistake while typing the URL, then Google is not going to list any results.

3. Try to connect using a proxy. This may not work for all websites, but it may trick many servers into thinking that you are from a different country. There are some free proxies out there that you may use and one of them is YourFreedom. It might help you access some websites that otherwise you would not be able to visit.

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