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Additional Credit Card Extra Charges

July 7th, 2010

Here is the last list of fees you should watch out for:

-You might be subject to a check access fee for using the checks your bank gave to you. Usually, it is a percentage, and unfortunately most people have to pay such fees. Make sure you know how big the fee is.
-If you travel to another country or you want to buy something on the Internet in another currency, you will probably need to pay a currency exchange surcharge. It is better to pay in your own country currency if possible, but if it is not, be prepared to spend around 3% as a fee.
-A merchant surcharge is a fee that some merchants charge for accepting your credit card. I would recommend avoiding dealing with merchants that charge such fees, as credit cards are so popular these days that merchants should not charge additional fees.

As you see, most of the solutions for avoiding these fees is to simply stay informed. If in some cases you simply cannot avoid them, at least know with what kind of fee you are dealing with, and how much it will cost you. I hope that the information I shared will help you manage your personal finances, as it helped me.

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