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Affiliate Marketing

February 25th, 2010

Affiliate Marketing can be the biggest source of income for any webmaster who is interested in marketing in general. This way of making money is quite popular the Internet. Under this system a merchant is letting affiliates sell his own product and services, in exchange for a commission. A situation where a customer buys a product or service thought an affiliate link is often called a lead. This type of advertising is also often called �cost per lead� based. There are different ways an affiliate can direct traffic to a certain product, including links, banners, or even product reviews. Commission Junction and ClickBank are considered to be one of the most popular websites for affiliate marketers, but there are many others which you will find by searching in Google. Overall, Affiliate Marketing is a quite interesting business opportunity for those who know how to attract traffic. That is because in order to make money with affiliate marketing you will need to have a lot of visitors to your site. Another aspect which is important is that the traffic should be targeted. The visitors coming to your site and reading about various affiliate products should have a genuine interest in the niche.

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