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Alcohol and Breathalysers

July 5th, 2010

We all hear a lot about drunk driving and the effect alcohol has on the lives of many people. The truth is that each year, thousands of people die as a result of drunk driving. It is no wonder that Alcohol Breathalysers are used by law enforcers more and more often. There are some myths surrounding Alcohol Breathalysers Products. One of the common myths is that all sorts of breath testers can be “fooled”. By “fooling” I mean using certain substances such as onion, mouthwash, or breath mints. Unfortunately for those who opt for drunk driving, these methods do not work. On the contrary, you should be careful what type of mouthwash you use before driving, because its content can even raise test results. If you have a Personal Breathalyser, make sure that you check your alcohol content each time you choose to drive. You will save yourself and others a lot of trouble if you choose to be a responsible driver. Alcohol breathalysers can be used not only by police officers. They can also be useful to drivers who want to make sure that the alcohol content in their blood is low enough to ensure safe driving.

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