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Applying for a High End Job

January 18th, 2014

Whenever you are going to be interview for a high end job, you are very likely to be asked the following question: �How much do you wish to be paid?� It is very important that you are prepared to answer this question, as this might decide whether you will be accepted for a position or not. There might be situations, when some of your competitors will demand lower salary, and thus they will be accepted for the position instead of you. If this is the case, before applying for an interview and job position, try to research how much you can demand to be paid for your work. Ask your friends who work in similar jobs how much they are getting paid. Even if you have good education, this might not be enough to demand high salary, if you do not have enough experience in your profession. Nonetheless, education is important. Anyway, high end jobs, like banking jobs, are hard to get into, and you need to be a perfect candidate who will not demand to be paid too much. If you are sure that you want to be paid more than your future boss can offer you, try to convince that you are worth the money. Remember to present yourself in the most positive light while highlighting your best points. Before you attempt any form of negotiations, it is important that you familiarize yourself with basic negotiating techniques. Try to read a few books or articles on how to negotiate your salary the best possible way. Those books or articles might give you some ideas that you have never thought about. In any case, remember to be relaxed and in good mood while negotiating your salary. Smile all the time, but not too much, as this might discourage your employer. If your negotiations fail, convince your employer to give you a second chance.

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