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Are Computers an Investment?

June 7th, 2010

Some people might say that buying computers is an investment; however, it depends in what situation you are. If you are using a computer for work, then indeed it is an investment. It is an investment because by having a fast computer you are going to perform your job a lot more effectively. It would be hard to be efficient at work if you had a really old PC that would crash often.

On the other hand, buying a computer that has all of the newest components is not an investment at all. That is because computer components are getting less expensive each year, and there are almost no other products the price of which drops so much. That is why I suggest you buy a computer with a processor, graphic card, and other components that you are really going to fully utilize, instead of being convinced by commercials into buying something very expensive that will get outdated soon anyway. Of course, there are some computer users that are going to consider buying the latest computer components. Those might be professionals that work with 3D graphics or perhaps even gamers. Newest games require really fast processing power, so that is why gamers are often those PC users that have the newest and fastest computers.

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