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Back Pain

March 17th, 2010

A person suffering from back problems might experience something such as a cycle of back pain. You might have heard the term before. A cycle of back pain has a few stages. First, some sort of triggering event leads to an experience of back pain. If the pain continues, we can start talking about a cycle of back pain. For many people suffering from sciatic nerve pain it is natural to seek some sort of back pain relief. In case back pain does not resolve quickly, something needs to be done about it. If back pain is untreated for many years, it can turn into chronic back pain. Chronic back pain can be annoying and difficult to bear. People suffering from chronic back pain tend to have negative thoughts such as ‘I will never get better’ or ‘I am damaged forever’. What those people do is restrict daily activities. They do it because they want to protect themselves from further ‘damage’. I believe that such an approach is wrong. A person suffering from back pain should put an immobilization device and return to his normal activities as soon as possible. It is important for a person however to refrain from too dangerous activities.

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