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Blind People and the Internet

April 28th, 2010

Have you ever wondered how hard it must be to be blind, and not have easy accessibility to the Internet? However, it does not mean that blind people are unable to use the Internet at all. If they have enough motivation, they are going to find out how they can benefit from the Web. First of all, even blind person can learn to type. While it might not be easy, it can be done. Secondly, there are programs available on the Internet that can read aloud any text written on a website that a person is currently visiting. Obviously, a blind person will not be able to see the images placed on a website, but he will be able to get familiar with a website´┐Żs content. This technology is still in development, and I expect that in the coming years, we will see it getting constantly improved. Blind Internet users should be able to access the Internet, as it is a valuable source of information, fun, and entertainment. They also deserve to choose surfing the Web as their hobby just like any other person. While there are still some tasks that blind people cannot perform on the Internet yet, I strongly believe that they will gradually become possible.

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