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Bloggers and Marketing

July 9th, 2010

I cannot stress more the importance of promoting one�s blog in many different ways. Probably one of the best ways to market your blog and make it more popular is to do it online through various social communities and websites. After all, this is where bloggers meet and have a chance to learn something from each other. However, if you enjoy talking about your blog outside of the Internet, you might find it helpful to share some business cards where the URL of the address of your blog will be displayed. When you think about it, it sound like a good idea. Contacts, even if they are not online contacts and friendships, are still valuable. They might be even more valuable than you think. How many times have you heard that having real-life friends is much better and a lot more important than having a virtual life? Having a blog can be a lot more fun if your real-life friends are going to visit and read it.

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