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October 19th, 2010

California is full of wonderful places where people can enjoy their camping. From the sandy beaches of Santa Barbara to the friendliness of the city of Los Angeles, Southern California can surprise everybody with its diversity and the number of places one can visit. Southern California is suitable for camping. If you want, you can even choose to move to this part of the world. I know many wonderful places in California that offer possibilities to spend holidays in a tent or a caravan. If you would like to get more involved into this type of activity, I recommend you to join a club with members who share similar interests as you. It is because of them and your participation that you will stay informed on what is going on in the club, how camping in California is going on and what special events are taking place. Camping and caravanning clubs are always friendly towards new members. They also have a lot to offer to camping enthusiast, which is not surprising as its members share the same passion for camping.

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