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Choosing a Good Password

June 4th, 2010

Many passwords nowadays are being hacked for various reasons. Usually, this is due to the inability of choosing a good password. If you want to create a good password, you may wish to follow a few simple tips. If you do so, the probability of your password getting hacked will drop dramatically. Here are a few tips on how to create a password that will be a lot harder to crack:

1. Avoid first names and surnames.
2. Avoid things that might be easily associated with you like your hobbies, phone numbers etc.
3. Avoid common words in any language whether it be English or Chinese.
4. Use a combination of letters and numbers. Try to mix them.
5. Create a password that you can remember so that you will not have to write it anywhere.
6. Make your password quite long. The longer it is, the better.
7. Do not use keyboard sequences like, for example, “qwerty”.
8. Plan on changing your password from time to time.
9. If possible, have one password that you will use for all your accounts in different places. That will make it easy for you to remember all of your passwords.

I am certain that all of the above points are quite logical. Just use common sense when creating a password and you should be fine.

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