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Choosing the Right Password

May 19th, 2010

Passwords are used to protect all of our accounts on the Internet. You can protect your email, MySpace, gaming, blog, forum, and subscription site account among others. That is why choosing a proper password is important, but unfortunately sometimes people are not very creative when it comes to choosing a password. It appears that one of the most popular passwords is “password”. Another popular one is “qwerty” and another famous one is �123456�. As you see, they are not very complicated, and even the worst hacker in the world will be able to hack into your account if you are using such passwords. My advice is to take your time to devise some complicated password like, for example, “dg4j8z3m”. There are special programs out there that can generate passwords similar to the one I listed. Most of these programs can store these passwords in case you would forget them.
However, I recommend that you choose a password that you will be able remember easily due to the fact that each number and letter would stand for something important in your life. If such a password will be complicated enough, then strangers will never be able to guess it. Do not store this password on your computer; however, you may wish to write it down on a piece of paper.

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