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October 15th, 2010

A typical crane is nothing else than a lifting machine designed to lift heavy objects. First cranes were already known in ancient Greece and Rome. Today, no construction site can function without an operational crane. Cranes are those things that make construction possible. Not all cranes that you can see in construction sites are new cranes. It is not such a bad idea to opt for a used crane instead on a new one. A used crane can be a lot cheaper than a new one. A typical crane consists of a winder, wire ropes, chain, or sheaves. No crane can be complete without all those parts. Materials can be moved horizontally, they can be lowered or put higher. An average crane offers a lot of mobility when it comes to lifting and lowering of various objects. The reason cranes are so essential in every construction site is that they can move loads that are beyond the normal capability of a human. Another type of industry where cranes are widely used is the transport industry. In the transport industry, cranes are used to load and unload freight. In the manufacturing industry, cranes are used for the assembling of heavy equipment.

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