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Credit Card Extra Charges

August 11th, 2010

Since credit card usage is so popular, there are many companies offering their credit cards, and advertising them as the best payment method. Some companies which issue credit cards might offer attractive deals, like credit cards with no annual fees. It sounds good, but you need to understand that credit card fees and surcharges cost consumers more than $30 billion each year. To compare credit cards, you can use various tools found on the Internet that are designed for comparing credit cards. However, right now I would like to discuss some things you might want to watch out for when it comes to extra charges.

Late Fees are very popular. If your credit card company does not get paid on time, you may have to pay a fee of $20 to $50. This will happen even if you are only one day late. Some claim that in situations where the payment delay was out of control, the credit card company might eliminate the late charge if you explain to them what happened.

Some time in the future, I will write about a few more types of extra charges and how to avoid them. I hope this information will help you in some way to choose the best credit card.

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