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External Hard Drives and Backup

February 12th, 2009

Doing backup is something which many novice computer users forget to do, but later regret it. Doing regular backups is important and guarantees that you won�t lose any files on which you worked so hard. External hard drives are a perfect solution for this purpose, as you can backup data from many computers by using just one external hard drive connected to the USB port. I have an external hard drive myself which I use for backup purposes, and this way I can be sure that whatever happens to my PC I am protected. The reason why an external drive is a better choice than connecting an additional disk to your computer is that it is cheaper, because external hard drives will not use as much power since they won’t be connected at all times. Additionally, even if someone steals your computer, you will still have all of the important data stored on your external hard drive. You will also be protected in case of any power surge which could potentially damage all of the computer components connected to the motherboard.

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