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Feather Fans

March 11th, 2010

Many fans such as a feather fan are a timeless tradition. Fans date back around 3,000 years ago. Some of the countries from which fans originate include China, for example. A feather fan is the oldest form of a Chinese fan. It is true that a feather fan has served many purposes in history in countries such as China. Some of the reasons people used to use fans were to shield the eyes from the sun or to cool down. Today, everybody can Buy Peacock Feathers and do almost anything with them. Usually, feathers come in different colors. Those colors can be dazzling, which makes every fan an enjoyable thing to look at. Did you know, for example, that feather fans were once considered one of the most essential accessories a woman could have? Today, women should also have feather fans with them, especially if they live in warm places. In the past, a feather fan was an indicator of a woman�s social status. These days, feather fans serve more as a decoration rather than indicating from which social class a person comes. Finally, men can also find feathers to be useful in their everyday lives just as many other women do.

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