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File Transfer Protocol

February 9th, 2010

File Transfer Protocol is the most popular protocol used to exchange files. It can also be used to manipulate files, and that can be done by a FTP client by connecting to a server. Of course, it is important that the server is reliable, especially if important information is being transferred through the protocol. That is why it is important to find FTP hosting that has high uptime and intuitive interface to connect to the server. You can connect to an FTP server by using FTP programs or simply by using any browser. Connecting by using a browser may be especially attractive to companies that have many clients. That is because all Internet users know how to use a browser, but not all of them may know how to use an FTP program. In case of businesses, security is very important and that is why SFTP hosting is designed especially for them. SFTP stands for secure file transfer protocol. It encrypts files by using SSH to transfer files. It is possible to enhance security by setting permissions granting rights to delete, upload, and download for each individual user. Overall, exchanging files using SFTP is secure, and it is going to appeal to both businesses and individual customers.

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