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First Impressions Really Matter

March 3rd, 2012

First impressions matter. There is no doubt about it. It does not matter whether you want to apply for a new job or whether you meet a friend for the first time. You always make a lasting first impression on somebody you just met. It is a smart idea to make this first impression as good as possible. I have a few ideas here, especially when it comes to making a lasting good impression on a Video Chat.

It is true that every time you chat with somebody over a web cam, the person on the other end of the video conversation will make assumptions based on what they see first. This is simply how it works. People judge things as well as other people based on what they see. I know that I am judged by others every time they see me for the first time. I even judge others while looking at them. I am sure that you also do the same.

One tip I would like to share with you is to use some sort of source of illumination while chatting with others over a web cam. A set of special lights you can attach to your minor can do the trick. It is not a secret that a dark room will make you look shadowy, hard to see and maybe even hard to understand. This is something you never want to happen especially if you care about the way you appear to others. If it is a presentation for a client or a job you are doing, the lack of lighting may make you seem unprofessional. When it comes to video chats, the lack of proper lighting can discourage others from talking to you. You will know what I mean once you try to use a set of lights to help you illuminate your face.

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