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Floppy Drives

May 25th, 2010

These days, floppy disk drives are quite obsolete, and most computers do not have them. However, floppy disk drives can sometimes be useful, for example, in case of running a data erasing program on your HDD. If you have more than one PC, it may not make any sense to buy a floppy disk drive for each one, but instead, you might want to consider a USB floppy drive. This way you can connect it to any computer you want, and the USB floppy drives are usually more reliable compared to the regular ones. Having said that, I also feel that you should be aware of the limitations of floppy disks. First of all, they contain only 1.44MB of data, which means that one CD is an equivalent of around 500 floppy disks. Another problem is that floppy disks are not very durable or reliable. Overall, it is safe to assume that within a matter of years floppy drives will be a very rare sight. However, it is interesting that there are still some people who are using them, as they simply got used to them. It is not that easy to break old habits and that is one of the reasons floppy drives are not obsolete yet.

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