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Games in Windowed Mode

April 9th, 2010

Running games in windowed mode has many advantages. We live in the era of emails, instant messengers, and browsers. If you play a game in a windowed mode you may still want to have access to all of those programs. Even if you are playing a single player game, in the meantime you can talk with your friends thought instant messengers and emails. You may also check the browser for important news or updates in which you are interested in. I already explained the benefits of windowed mode, but what if the game does not have a windowed mode checkbox in options? There are a few things you can do:

-Make a shortcut to the .exe of your game, right click on it, select properties and in the �Target� either add -win, -window, or �windowed, depending on the application. Not all games support it, but it does seem to work for the majority of modern games.
-You can also use a program called 3DAnalyze. It allows you several tweaks for games, but one of the more notable ones is the possibility of windowed mode. Select a program, check �force windowed mode� and press run. Should work for many programs as well.

Hopefully, more and more programs/games will support windowed mode, so that all you would have to do is mark an appropriate checkbox.

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