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Google Advanced Search

September 7th, 2010

If you are tired of remembering all of the commands like +, ��, -, etc. that you have to apply in Google searches, you can avoid using them by taking advantage of advanced search. The advanced search is especially helpful for those who are looking for something specific, and know what they are looking for. Some of the nicest features of advanced Google Search include:

-The possibility to choose the language in which you want to obtain the results. This will limit completely unrelated webpages. It can also help you find websites of any specific language.
-The possibility to specify the type of file in which you want Google to look for information for you. Are you looking for pdf, doc, ps, xls, or swf files? All you have to do is specify that files you are looking for.
-You can also specify that you do not want to see pages that contain any of the unwanted words which you can list. This should limit the number of unrelated websites as well.
-And finally, and probably most importantly, the possibility to tell Google Search what you are specifically looking for by filling out various fields. Those include �all these words�, �this exact wording or phrase�, and �one or more of these words�. Of course, there are many other useful options out there. I have just listed those that appealed to me the most.

Overall, search engines are probably the most useful feature of Internet, as they allow you to easily find all of the websites in the world. That is why it pays to learn how to use them effectively. While you may not want to use Advanced Search each time you are looking for something, it can greatly help you in case you are searching for something hard to find otherwise.

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