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How Many Web Browsers Can You Name?

December 22nd, 2009

Many people only use Internet Explorer and never even try to check out any other Web browsers. Internet Explorer is definitely the most popular browser, but who said that it is the best? It is certainly not the best only because it is bundled with Windows. As a person who prefers Firefox and Opera, I find it inconvenient that some sites only work well in Internet Explorer. Of course, I have IE installed on my PC as well. If it is necessary I can run it at any time, but generally I prefer not to do it. That is because I already have dozens of programs running on my computer.

Recently, I was wondering how many browsers a typical computer user can name. Do they know about Opera, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Netscape? Probably not everybody, as only those who spend a lot of time surfing the Web are more likely to know them. However, I am glad that the overall awareness of other browsers is growing, and that people are more and more open to using other browsers as well. I predict that in the future, there will be many reliable browsers which we will be able to choose from. Today the competition is still not so steep, but in the years to come, there will be more and more companies releasing feature-rich browsers. I encourage each one of you to try at least one other browser besides IE to see how you like it. If you do so, it will be a useful educational experience.

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