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How to recover from Google penguin update

July 30th, 2012

The recent algorithm changes by Google dubbed �Google penguin update� stunned many
website owners. Suddenly, websites which enjoyed top rankings in their niches or industry could not be traced in search results. The search engine giant later released a statement explaining the reasons for the update. Google cited the proliferation of web spam as one of the main reasons for the changes. In other words Google punished websites it deemed had violated its quality guidelines. Websites that seemed over optimized for search engines were pushed further downwards in the search engine results pecking order.

Some of the websites severely affected by the update include;
Website which used paid text links
Websites that employed automated link building tools
Private network blogs offering guest posting opportunities
Article marketing sites
��Spammy�”” websites (those containing malware, pop ups, link farms etc.)

How to recover from the update
If your website is one of those affected by the update then it�s important to implement new SEO strategies that will boost your website�s overall ranking. For instance Google emphasizes on the importance of quality, as well as the originality content. This ideally means that you should check your website content to see whether it�s unique and original. If you previously used duplicated or highly plagiarized content then it�s time to hire a content strategist to sort your needs. Apart from the uniqueness and originality of content other SEO tactics that you can use on your website to proof or recover from Google penguin update include;

Use social media more often
Using social media to connect with your followers will not only help your website to rank favorably in search results but it will also help you garner targeted visitors to your website as well. Creating conversations with your followers is a great way to create organic backlinks. For instance if you share highly valuable information with your audience then do not be surprised if your audience shares your websites links to others -possibly spreading your company messages virally. In a nutshell, Google encourages relevant and up to date user generated content.

Use press releases
If you�re launching a new product or you generally have some newsworthy information to communicate to your customers then is highly recommended that you use press releases and distribute them through online press release distribution services. Such services are not only good for distributing news but they are also a good way of creating backlinks that Google does not frown upon.

Secure your website
As mentioned earlier Google punishes site with malware, thus it�s very important to ensure that your website is protected against malware attack.

Obtain backlinks from trusted websites
It�s highly critical that you obtain links from trusted websites and web directories so as to ensure your website is ranked favorably. Avoid link farm or paid text links as Google frowns upon them. Lastly, there are many other white hat SEO tactics you can use to proof your website against the penguin update. If your website was badly affected by the Google changes, then it�s essential for you to implement some of the solutions mentioned above- and watch your website return or even attain a much higher position in search engine result pages.

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