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Is Google Producing Content?

May 26th, 2010

Like some of you might remember, Google has been already sued by some companies in the past. One of the recent ones was Viacom that sued this giant for $1 billion claiming that their material is showing on YouTube without any authorization. In fact, many companies including book publishers and TV producers fear that Google is going to try to become a huge media business that produces content, and thus is going to compete with them. Many media companies claim that Google built its fortune by taking the content produced by other corporations and publishing it on the Internet. According to Google itself, the fear that many companies have is not well grounded. The giant is not planning at all to threat the publishing and TV units by becoming a content producing business. What do you think about it?

Google is most famous for its revolutionary search engine. Millions of people use Google’s search engine as it offers accurate results and does not cost anything to use. What Google’s search engine does is that it displays results from all over the Web. In this sense Google is not producing any content, but rather focuses on on allowing people to find content produced by other businesses and people.

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