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iTunes or CDs?

September 3rd, 2009

There has been a study done that suggests that people are abandoning compact disks in order to buy music from stores like iTunes. This is especially true of teenagers, as half of them do not buy a single compact disk even during a whole year. In 2006 the number of teenagers that did not buy a CD was around 40% according to a study. This shows a quite drastic trend, as at the same time the sale of digital songs grew fifty percent. This is mostly due to iTunes, which appeared to be an excellent business idea. The reason that many people are using their services is that you do not even have to leave your home to buy any music you want. Buying music this way is a very simple process. Additionally, you can find what you are looking for a faster than in a traditional store. Another reason is that the cost of storing music digitally like iTunes does is very low, and as a result customers pay less for their favorite music. On the other hand, traditional stores need a lot of space to store their CDs.
I think that the fact that the Internet is getting more and more popular each year is one of the main factors of the decline of the popularity of CDs. People spend a lot more time on the Internet, so it is natural for them to buy music online.

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