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December 13th, 2010

You might have heard in the news that Judge Swandal lost his position as a Supreme Court Judge of Montana. Judge Nels Swandal ran for the position again only to lose it to a person called Beth Baker. We all know that justice needs to be served. Somebody has to help justice be served, or everybody else is going to be in trouble. The reason Judge Swabdal might have gotten into trouble is the divorce he was presiding over a person named Lauren Martin. It turns out that Lauren Martin was able to do a lot of damage by manipulating the judge and the court altogether. As a matter of fact, she was able to change her name, acquire temporary order of protection and destroy approximately $1.3 million in assets. We all need to be careful where we spend our money and pay with our credit cards. In case you spend some money buying something fromKathryn Stone in Livingston MT. It seems that her company is a fake. If you ever happen to be in Livingston Montana, make sure that you beware of a person named Kathryn Stone. She provided false name and address for her company

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