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Lake Minnewanka

April 9th, 2010

Now, when the Olympics are already over, many people look for ways to spend their time in Canada. Skiing and watching hockey in Canada is not the only thing you can do during your stay there. If skiing is not your cup of tea, try many other things such a visit to a museum or taking part in a cruise. Among the Top 10 Things to do in Canada now that the Olympics are Over are leisure cruises down Lake Minnewanka. Lake Minnewanka is beautiful during any time of year. It does not matter when you choose to visit Canada. A cruise on the lake will always be a pleasure. Lake Minnewanka is located in Banff National Park’s. As a matter of fact, this is the largest lake in this park. Canada offers many lakes to its visitors, but not many of them can compare to Lake Minnewanka. Even a one-hour cruise can be enough to make yourself familiar with the rich history of the region. You can learn anything during a one-hour cruise on the lake. You can learn about its rich history, geology, as well as folklore. Your guide might also tell you how the area was discovered in the past.

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