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Mac vs. PC

July 21st, 2010

Computers are generally divided into two categories, namely PCs and Macs. Some people love Mac, but as an avid computer user myself, I discourage people from buying a Mac. I have listed some reasons below:

� First of all, Mac is being sold only in a handful of countries. If you are an American, and let us say that you will stay in Europe for a year or two, do not be surprised if you are going to be one of the only people with a Mac. If you have an international mindset, you might be surprised that in many countries people did not even hear about Macs and there is no support for them whatsoever.
� The most popular software does not work on Mac. If you have been a PC user for many years, why would you want to abandon using all of the programs that you know so well?
� When it comes to software, it might be very difficult to operate as a business or a professional without having access to MS Office at home. Office is pretty much the standard in the business world.

Even if Macs were a few more percent more efficient in comparison to PCs, it does not really matter, because they are not popular enough in the world to justify buying them.

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