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Make Money Online

August 24th, 2010

Websites like Treasuretrooper can be source of income for those who enjoy participating in all kinds of surveys and cash offers. You will probably not earn that much cash, but while doing so you will also have some fun. What can you do if you are already member of Treasuretrooper? First of all, you can only benefit from this website if you are a US or UK resident. If you are, then you will be able to take advantage out of most of the opportunities. You will be able to fill out a home business survey, submit a valid poem, and download a free toolbar. These are only some of the activities for which you can get paid. After you complete an offer, all you have to do is to click �done� button and that specific offer will be added to your pending offers list to be approved.

What distinguishes this particular website from sites providing similar services is that while completing surveys and other offers you can gain golden coins. They in turn, can be exchanged for gifts in Mabutu�s Hut. One of such gifts is that two new members of Treasuretrooper will become your referrals even though you did not refer them or know them.

The creators of the website encourage all participants to look into all the benefits of the program. They claim that it can be a source of hundreds of dollars if you take advantage out of many opportunities; however, for an average user it will be difficult to earn more than $100. A payout of each offer ranges from 0.25 to 30 dollars. Once a person accumulates $20 on his account that is due to be paid, the payout will be between 15th and 20th of each month by check. There are some users that claim that you can earn a lot of money by participating in the referral program. If you refer a new user, you will get 20% of the sum that this person earned, and if the person that you referred refers another person, you will get 5% of that participant�s earning. Overall, it might be a nice way to earn some extra money, but you will probably not earn as much as you may wish for.

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