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Maps on the Internet

April 20th, 2010

Looking on maps on the Internet like, for example, Google Earth are a great way to study geography, check your directions before driving, or to simply look at your neighborhood to see how it looks like from a very far distance. I have always loved maps and found them to be very entertaining to look at. I know that a lot of people feel the same, and would spend hours looking at their neighborhood on Google Earth. Some of them would be hoping to find a better place to go on walks, or maybe finding a shorter way to drive to the supermarket. It can be very addictive to become a user of online maps, because they do not cost anything and are very practical. It is also fun to visit famous places in the world, such as Paris, Rome, London, or Moscow. Try to do it yourself, especially if you have never tried it yet. I am sure that you will discover that you love it. Google Earth is not the only map on the Internet that shows the pictures taken from a satellite. There is also NASA Terra, MapQuest, and surely many more. However, Google Maps are the most popular and are probably going to be for some time.

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