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September 14th, 2012

I still remember something that happened to me many years ago in a supermarket. I wanted to pay for my groceries, so I handed a crisp bill to the cashier working there. To my surprise, she told me that the bill was fake and that she could not accept it. You can try to imagine how I felt the moment I heard the news! Never anything like this had ever happened to me before. At first, I had absolutely no idea what to do since I was so confused after hearing the news.

I still do not know how the bill ended in my possession, but luckily for me this was just a bill that was not worth that much money. I went to the bank afterwards to exchange it and inform the authorities about the existence the bill so that they could deal with the problem from then on.

Is there something that store owners can do in order to protect themselves from accepting fake bills without even knowing about it? It turns out that there is something that can be done about it and that HamptonSecurity.com knows what it is.

There is this one device manufactured by the company that can detect whether a bill is fake or not. In my opinion, it is smart for every store owner to have a device like this to be able to determine fast whether a bill is fake or not. What is more, customers even do not have to know about the fact that you use the devices offered by HamptonSecurity.com. You can have the device or devices stored somewhere behind the counter so that nobody can see it. Your clients will not even suspect that you have a device like this. If they try to hand fake bills to you, you will have a chance to know about it immediately and react accordingly.

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