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May 31st, 2010

There are a lot of trekkies out there who love the Star Trek universe. I am sure that one of the reasons they love it, is because it represents a future where access to technological advances is almost limitless. With so many people watching Star Trek it is an interesting question to ask whether Star Trek has influenced any technological advancements in the recent years. Star Trek depicts technological gadgets and devices that are extremely useful, and it is interesting to note that we may already have access to some of the devices featured on Star Trek. For example, the hypospray that was used for painless injections is currently available and operates on the principle of applying ultrasonic waves to a small area of skin, opening microscopic pores, and allowing medication to pass into a patient�s bloodstream. It might not have all of the functions of the Star Trek�s hypospray, however, it is incredible that we already have such an invention. I am also pretty certain that Pocket PCs might have been inspired by Sci-Fi movies, as such small devices appear to be very popular in many movies. After all, carrying a small computer with you at all times can be very useful. I wonder what other devices from Sci-Fi movies may appear in our everyday lives.

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