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Oldies but Goodies

April 11th, 2012

While most of the time I like to listen to modern music, from time to time I am in the mood to listen to something older such as music from the 60?s or 70?s. I guess this type of music never gets old. Only because some songs are old does not mean that they cannot be good. On the contrary, Oldies can be good too not only for older people, but for younger persons as well.

Why does music play such an important role in my life? It is so for many reasons. Good music allows me to unwind and relax after a tiring day at work. When I come back from work, I like to sit on my sofa, untie my shoes, close my eyes and do nothing but listen to some great music. This keeps me going and allows me to do something in order to relax. I discovered that the larger collection of music I have, the more likely I am going to enjoy listening to it. In short, the more songs I have to choose from, the happier and more relaxed I am. I like being able to listen to various songs instead of listening to the same ones over and over again. I also do not mind getting some new songs for my birthday to enlarge my collection of existing songs.

What do you think about oldies? Are you also fond of this type of music or do you believe that such music is for older people only? I know at least a few young people who like the idea of listening to oldies. It does not mean that they listen to oldies exclusively, but they listen to them regularly. If so many of my friends and family members like to listen to oldies, I do not see any reason why I wouldn�t do the same.

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