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Popcorn Fundraiser

February 8th, 2010

In how many fundraisers did you participate in your life? What were you given as a token of appreciation for your support? You might have received some candy. If you are a diabetic, you probably were not able to eat it anyway. If only those who organize fundraising events knew that there is a healthy alternative to candy fundraising. This alternative is popcorn fundraising. Probably the best thing about popcorn fundraising is the fact that this type of fundraising promotes healthy lifestyle. Not only is popcorn tasty and enjoyable to eat, but it also contains whole grains. As we all know, whole grains help reduce obesity and maintain healthy digestive system. A person eating whole grains every day reduces the chances of many chronic diseases such as heart disease and many more. A popcorn fundraiser gives people the opportunity to eat something healthy that they usually do not eat. It is the perfect time to remind them about maintaining healthy diet. It is estimated that each one of us should eat up to three serving of whole grains per day. Only that way can we be sure that we are going to live healthy lives. When it comes to popcorn fundraisers, they are easy and fun to organize. Giving people something in return makes them feel better. People will also be more willing to support your cause if you decide to give them something in return. Fasttrackfundraising.com estimated that a popcorn fundraising event can help every charity or organization raise its profits by up to 60%. Apart from charities and various organizations, many other groups use popcorn fundraising to raise funds. Those groups include schools, sports team, and many more. They are not afraid to offer popcorn to those who support them, because they know that they are going to receive plenty of money from those who decide to show their support.

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