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Problems with Opticians

September 22nd, 2010

Many opticians in the United States fear the competition of online stores such as Zenni that offers affortable eyeglasses. Zenni believes that eyeglasses are a necessity for all those who need to wear them. They believe that everybody deserves to have access to eyeglasses that come at an affordable price. I have read numerous comments written by opticians who say that they do not want to give patients their PD (Also known as pupil) data for fear that they might choose to buy eyeglasses online for less. Opticians don’t want to give you your PD data, because they know that the moment you get it, you are going to buy affordable eyeglasses from Zenni, but not from them. Opticians want to charge a lot of money for it. Opticians keep you away from ZenniOpt because Zenni offers better prices than they do. There is an easy way to outsmart all those greedy opticians. Thanks to an iPhone Application, you can measure your pupillary distance on your own without the need to visit any optician. You can save tons of money that way. With is even more, you do not allow opticians to take the money from you. You can measure your pupillary distance on your own as many times as you want it.

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