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February 11th, 2010

Nothing is worse than buying a computer and realizing that parts for it might be difficult to find if something goes wrong with the computer. Let us have a look for example at AS/400. Those IBM users who use those systems might have problems finding parts they need. IBM is a producer of computers and other devices, but some of its parts are difficult to find on the market. The same goes for iSeries or i5 series. I recently discovered what to do if I need some parts. I can always find some resellers of AS/400 systems on the Internet rather than try to find them in my area. I have heard a story of a person who needed to replace one of his old computers. He spent plenty of time looking for parts. He had plenty of determination and patience. At the end, the determination and patience paid off. I believe that each person should try to refurbish his computer from time to time. Refurbishing a computer can prevent some parts from being damaged easily. If a person takes care of his computer, he is more likely to have a computer that will serve him for many years to come and one that will always be in good shape.

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