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Robots Patrolling Streets

August 4th, 2010

Will we reach a point in time that robots will be patrolling the streets, as security officers? The truth is that such robots already exist, as a homemade robot is patrolling an American neighborhood after dark. The robot is operated by an ex-marine who believes that the robot restores peace and increases security. He claims that no break-ins had been reported and that the park across the street feels safer. Other people claim that the robot exploits the kind of anxiety that underlies the Terminator movies, as many people are scared by this bot. The design of the bot itself is very interesting, as it is remotely controlled by the ex-marine, and the robot�s loudspeaker can be used to communicate with people. I think that utilizing robots in such fashion is a good idea, especially once people will get more used to robots. Robots should be used to perform tasks that are dangerous to humans. Patrolling streets at dark may be one way robots will be used.

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