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May 19th, 2011

During the last few years, I had a chance to read about Internet and computer security. I do not know how many articles on the topic I had a chance to read, but I definitely read many of them. Some of those articles were more helpful to me while some of them were less helpful. Now let me go back to the topic. Since we store more and more important information on our computers, the danger of somebody breaking into a computer is bigger than the danger that somebody might break into our house. Can you believe that? I know that this is true. Students may want to break into a computer to change their grades, employees may want to erase some data, and criminals may want to obtain credit card numbers to use them against our will. I know that we often store very important information on various computers not realizing really that there are many people who could benefit from such information. Some of them are willing to hack into our computer no matter the cost. First of all, we should be careful what information we store in our computers. The more sensitive data you have on your computer, the more careful you have to be how you store it. In case this is something sensitive, you need to take steps to increase your internet security. Secondly, every computer should have some basic protection, as even a password required to login to Windows is better than nothing. Next, reading Security News might help as well. As the years pass by, people are going to store more and more information on their computers. In the future, it might be even possible for hackers to try to steal our computers just to get our credit card details or other valuable information. That is why incorporating some security measures is crucial.

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