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Solar Devices

October 28th, 2009

We see sun every day, but very often we do not realize its full potential. I am not only talking about its health benefits, but rather how we can use modern technologies to take advantage out of it. Solar powered devices have been around for quite some time now, but such devices are still not very popular. What makes solar powered devices so attractive is that solar power is renewable. We will never run out of it, so taking advantage out of it is a great idea. The sun will keep shining anyway, whether we use this energy or not. A very interesting concept that comes to mind would be a solar powered iPhone. Actually, it is not only a concept anymore as Apple has applied for a patent which proves that they are considering such device. It seems like such an iPhone would have an ingenious design, and would have the solar panels hidden under the LCD display. I have not seen anything like that and wish luck to Apple in developing this technology, as I like the idea of it. There are already solar powered iPhone chargers which can charge your phone in just a few hours, but a solar powered iPhone is obviously a completely different design.

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