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Street View in Europe

July 13th, 2009

Google is quite proud of their project Street View, and it seems that Street View might be soon coming to Europe. Street View provides panoramic street-level views of important locations, and allows users to view photos in different sizes, from any direction, and from a variety of angles. Various interested parties have been wondering whether the EU will even approve Street View. One may ask why would the EU not like something about Street View? The answer is that there might be some issues with privacy, as many people would potentially be visible on those photos. Of course, Google does not have the means to ask each person for their permission to be included on some of the photos. On the bright side, Google has stated that the faces of people will be automatically blurred by special software. Almost for the whole last year, a fleet of Opel Astras has been making photos that will be used for Street View Europe. It means that Street View might be released in Europe very soon.

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