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Taking Care of Your CDs and DVDs

January 2nd, 2010

Our CDs and DVDs need to be treated with care if we want them to serve us for a long time. There are a few principles that I am going to mention that will help you make sure that your CDs and DVDs will be in a great shape.

1. Keep your CDs and DVDs away from the sun and heat.
2. Keep your CDs and DVDs away from places where they might get scratched. Always keep them in cases. If you do not have enough cases, then I suggest you buy paper cases, which are quite inexpensive.
3. Avoid touching the side of CD/DVD where the data is stored.
4. Hold your CD/DVD by its edges. Alternatively, you can slip your index finger of your non-dominant hand through the center hole of the DVD/CD.
5. Use a soft cloth to clean your discs.
6. Avoid chemicals and or cloths that might scratch your CDs while cleaning them.
7. Clean the discs from inside to outside.
8. Store your discs properly. The best solution is to store them vertically in a closed box.
Just using common sense will extend the life of a DVD. You will be able to view your favorite movie on your DVD even in a few years.

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