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April 23rd, 2010

The American flag is a symbol of the United States. US Flags represent the people of the United States as well as their beliefs. Every American should know that there is great and powerful symbolism in the American flag. This symbolism should not be forgotten and ignored. The same principle applies to state flags. The thirteen stripes on the flag represent thirteen colonies that stood against the oppression of the British Empire a few centuries ago. The field of blue on the flag represents the freedom people have to explore the world. The fifty stars represent the number of states in the union. The original flag has thirteen stars. As a new state was added, a new star was added to the flag as well. Today, we can buy American flags as we know them today, but we can also buy historical American flags. Additionally, American military flags are available to us as well. With such a diversity of flags, make sure that you choose something that you need the most. Flags are perfect for various ceremonies, celebrations, or to remind people who they are and what they believe. They can be displayed for a number of reasons.

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