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Using Email

February 14th, 2014

Email has become increasingly popular during the last few years. This, however, led to many people abusing it. Spam is an example of people abusing email. I am sure you do not want to be classified as a spammer, or somebody who sends unwanted emails. If that is the case, simply make sure that you personally know the recipient. Of course, there are also other rules that email users may wish to follow:

-If you decide to have an email box, check it regularly. Email etiquette requires that emails should be responded to after the maximum of a few days after receiving them. It is the best if you answer the same day you received an email. If this is a spam or unwanted message that you received, you do not have to respond at all.
-While composing a message do not forget to insert a subject. People like to know in advance what an email is going to be about before they open it. Make sure you are specific, but you also do not have to reveal too much information.
-Do not use capital letters in your emails. On the Internet it is considered to be the same as shouting, so try to avoid that.

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